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If You’ve EVER Lost a SINGLE WORD of your Writing
(Either By Accident or Due to a Computer Crash)
Then You Absolutely MUST Download “Book Backup” TODAY And PROTECT Your Novels & Manuscripts – FOR GOOD.

Let me ask you a serious question...

Can you IMAGINE turning on your PC one day... Only to find ALL of your work completely GONE?

Your novel. Your non-fiction book. Your screenplay. All totally VANISHED. For REAL.

Maybe you accidentally deleted your Word document. Or perhaps a virus attacked your computer files. Or maybe your hard disk crashed, or Microsoft Windows died on you.

Or perhaps all your documents just DISAPPEARED for no reason at all. It happens ALL too frequently.


For whatever reason, COMPLETELY GONE.

I don't know about you, but that would REALLY make my stomach CHURN...

I'd probably be put off writing for MONTHS.


And here's another common "WHERE DID MY WORK GO??" scenario...

Have you ever accidentally deleted part of your manuscript in Word - but didn't realize until a couple of weeks later?

Even if you backed up the file yourself a few days earlier, the backup would be COMPLETELY USELESS.

The part you need would be missing. You've LOST your WORK.

Do you STILL THINK that your writing is SAFE, stored on your PC?

If so, here's a REALLY SCARY statistic...

"Hard disks have a 100% FAILURE RATE."

That's right. It's not a question of "IF" you'll lose your work on your PC... BUT WHEN.

I hope you're starting to question the safety of your computer files.

But.... What if there was a SINGLE SOLUTION to ALL of these problems... ?


"Book Backup is a joy to use. It's easy to master, even for non-techies like myself, yet powerful and adaptable.

"There's no doubt about it. If you're a writer and you don't want to see six months or more of your work go down the pan one day, Book Backup is a 'must have'. Already I'm wondering how I ever managed without it!"

- Nick Daws,,


Here’s the SECRET TOOL That PROTECTS Your Writing
24 HOURS a DAY Ensuring You NEVER Lose Anything AGAIN!
Even If You’re SUPER CLUMSY AND Your Computer DIES!

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could purchase “writing insurance?”

So that when your computer crashes, or you lose your files, you simply let the insurance company know – and they send you back the EXACT VERSION of your manuscript you were looking for.

Well, that “insurance” is exactly what you’ll receive when YOU discover...

Book Backup, the world’s ONLY backup tool designed BY writers, specifically FOR writers!

But Book Backup is BETTER than any form of insurance. There are absolutely NO annual renewal fees, NO increases in premium when you submit a claim, and it works AROUND-THE-CLOCK, always keeping you protected.

So, what EXACTLY is Book Backup?

Book Backup is a brand new software tool that automatically backs up all of your important documents at regular intervals.

It can backup all your important documents and folders to a zip file, it can send them to an e-mail address, it can back them up somewhere else on your hard disk, or to another computer. It can even send your files across the Internet via e-mail or FTP.

It’s the EASIEST (and most THOROUGH) backup tool currently available – and it’s SPECIFICALLY designed for writers!

You can schedule Book Backup to automatically perform backups every hour, every day, every week, or every month – ensuring you NEVER lose any work. It’s SIMPLE. And you only have to configure it ONCE.

With Book Backup, you really do just SET IT and FORGET IT.

Book Backup can also store unlimited versions of each file, so that you can always revert back to the version that's best for you. It can even rotate where it stores the files, so you're not relying on one particular backup location.

So, what happens when things go wrong?

Let's say you're about to mail off your fiction manuscript and suddenly you realize - it's VANISHED.

Don't panic! Just launch Book Backup, select your backup job, and click the "Restore" button. The wizard will guide you through the entire process. Just select which version of the manuscript you wish to restore, and it'll recover everything you want in JUST SECONDS.


You get TOTAL PROTECTION from computer accidents - and TOTAL PROTECTION for your precious words.

That's the kind of security only Book Backup provides...


"I can never over-emphasize to my fellow writers and students about the need to backup their work. Book Backup offers the ideal solution and is so easy to use. It will give you peace of mind while you type that potential blockbuster movie or best-selling book!"

- Carol Anne Strange, founder,


Book Backup Does MUCH MORE Than You’d Expect!”
Check Out This MASSIVE List of Features –
And Know That Your Words Will NEVER Be Lost AGAIN!

SO... Does Book Backup sound like the kind of protection you NEED?

Well – hold that thought. Because you haven’t seen it’s FULL LIST of features yet. Here are just SOME of the exclusive, awe-inspiring capabilities we’ve PACKED inside this world-class writer’s backup tool...

Full, Silent BACKUP Support – Let Book Backup automatically keep copies of all your documents, ensuring you NEVER lose a single word. It also supports regular computer files too. Backup your life - with Book Backup!
Total Backup AUTOMATION – Schedule your Book Backup! Simply tell it what you want to backup and how often, and Book Backup will ensure you’re kept protected. It’s totally automated too – just SET IT and FORGET IT!
COMPLETE Version & Rotation Support - Book Backup is powerful! It can store multiple VERSIONS of your file, so you can always get back the exact copy you wish to recover. And it can rotate its backup locations too, for total peace of mind.
Integrated with GMAIL - Google offers e-mail accounts with OVER 7GB of FREE storage space. With Book Backup, you can send backups of your critical files straight to your Gmail e-mail account - to be stored FOREVER.
BACKUP to ANYWHERE – No other program offers you so many backup options! Backup your documents to your own PC, to another computer on your network, backup to an FTP location, or send your backups to an e-mail address.
Full, Silent BACKUP Support Easy “NO FUSS” RECOVERY – Want to get your files back? Simply click the “Restore” button inside Book Backup and follow the instructions. Or, if you're a more advanced user, simply open up the backup location and restore yourself.
FREE 1GB Storage Drive - Every single Book Backup user receives a special link to claim a FREE FTP account providing 1GB of FTP storage - for LIFE. You'll NEVER run out of backup space with this online drive!
Optional COMPRESSION & Encryption – Book Backup won’t put your hard disk under strain! It's backup files are TINY, using high-strength file compression. And it's built-in "blowfish" encryption means your data will always be secure too!

PLUS MUCH MORE – Book Backup includes many other bonus features including multi-lingual support, timestamping features, automatic versioning cleanup, integrated help, a built-in file extractor and decrypter, and MUCH MORE.

Want to see more? Click HERE to view a movie of Book Backup in action!

Want to see more? Click HERE to view a movie of Book Backup in action!


"Great program! I've often accidentally deleted whole chunks of my chapters before and found out weeks later. Now I can recover the EXACT version I want, every time! Amazing. I wish I had this program when I started out!"

- Karl Moore, best-selling author,


And NOW – Here’s YOUR CHANCE to Grab a Copy!
Protect Your Book, Novel, Screenplay, Biography & Poetry –
All for LESS than the Cost of a DECENT LUNCH!

Book Backup is one of those programs that - at some point in the future - you're going to breathe a deep sigh of relief at, and say...

“Wow – I am GLAD I installed THAT!”


It’ll save your life. It’ll protect your documents. It’ll guarantee you WON'T lose your work – even if your PC crashes or you have a little user “mishap!”

So, HOW MUCH is Book Backup?

If we asked you AFTER Book Backup saved your important documents, you’d undoubtedly tell us you’d pay THOUSANDS for it.

But that’s not what Book Backup costs.

Instead, you can enjoy the FULL version of Book Backup – along with ALL of its ADVANCED features – for our ALL-TIME LOW PRICE of JUST $99.95 -- $49.95!! --

.... JUST $19.95!!

That's around _12.95, or 14.95 Euros.

It’s the LOWEST PRICE we’ve EVER offered Book Backup for!

That’s LESS than the cost of a DECENT LUNCH, for total 24/7 protection – INCLUDING a 1GB FTP account for backing up your files over the Internet (and that FTP account is yours FREE for life)!

INTERESTED in downloading YOUR copy of Book Backup?

Begin PROTECTING your documents in the next FIVE MINUTES. Just click on the link below to download your copy of Book Backup - and get protected TODAY:

Click HERE to purchase Book Backup for $19.95!

Requires Microsoft Windows and an Internet connection.

Prefer to pay by PayPal? Please click here.
Approximately _12.95 or 14.95 Euros. Price converted to your local currency.
Download links sent instantly. Windows-only.


Remember - HARD DISKS have a 100% FAILURE RATE.

It’s not a question of IF but WHEN disaster will strike your computer.

Protect yourself. Download your copy of Book Backup TODAY!

"Once it's setup, you never have to worry about it! Why risking losing a week's or month's worth of work when you don't have to? I recommend Book Backup to anyone who uses a computer to create and store files of any kind."

- Mel McIntyre,

* * *

"Just wanted to let you know that I really like this software! You support multiple languages - and I've even sent you translations for a Norweigan version!"

- Arnie Birk, arnie AT


If You Aren't Absolutely THRILLED with Book Backup,
Let Me Know And Claim Your INSTANT REFUND!

Interested in discovering what Book Backup can do for you?

Well - why not try it out yourself for a WHOLE MONTH, absolutely RISK-FREE?

That's right.

Most companies DON'T provide a refund guarantee on software. But we're so POSITIVE you'll find Book Backup ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL, we invite you to try it out for 30 DAYS ABSOLUTELY RISK-FREE.

If you aren't COMPLETELY THRILLED with the way it protects your documents, just let us know - and we'll give you a complete refund. There are NO forms to fill out, and NO questions asked. All we ask is that you try it out for three weeks first.


That's our total guarantee, backed by our publishers, the WCCL Network.

Ready to purchase YOUR copy of Book Backup?

Just click on the following link to try it out absolutely RISK-FREE...

Click HERE to purchase Book Backup for $19.95!

Requires Microsoft Windows and an Internet connection.

Prefer to pay by PayPal? Please click here.
Approximately _12.95 or 14.95 Euros. Price converted to your local currency.
Download links sent instantly. Windows-only.



Every day, MILLIONS of PEOPLE lose their work due to computer failure.

You're a writer. You can't afford to be one of them.

Book Backup guarantees you'll NEVER lose your writing EVER AGAIN. And that peace of mind costs LESS than the price of a decent lunch - for ABSOLUTE LIFETIME COVER.

Take advantage NOW. Don't wait until it's TOO LATE.

Click on the orange button to take advantage of our offer, TODAY:

Click HERE to purchase Book Backup for $19.95!

Requires Microsoft Windows and an Internet connection.

Prefer to pay by PayPal? Please click here.
Approximately _12.95 or 14.95 Euros. Price converted to your local currency.
Download links sent instantly. Windows-only. To buy the CD-ROM version, click here.

Get protected. Get your copy of Book Backup, TODAY.

Thanks for stopping by our site! :)

Best wishes,

Trent Steele, Book
Site Manager, Writing Resources Site.

PS. Close this page now and you'll REGRET IT. Maybe not tomorrow, but probably within a FEW MONTHS. Right now, you're playing dice. You could lose EVERYTHING if you roll a six. Get yourself PROTECTED NOW - CLICK HERE to grab your copy of Book Backup!

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